Morning Airs – Liner Notes

Morning Airs | liner notes

Larry Fulton: drums (tracks 1, 2, 6)

Jaylen Pittman: keys (track 4)

Hersh Gupta: saxophone (tracks 2, 7)

Catherine Cerise: viola (tracks 1, 5, 6)

Nicholas Serrambana: upright bass (track 8)

Jerilyn McLean: mandolin, vocals (track 8)

Louis DeFelice: vocals, guitars, bass, ukulele, percussion, keys

album art by Rayne MacPhee

written, produced, and recorded by Louis DeFelice

mixed and mastered by Louis DeFelice

Special thanks to Andrew Evren and Kai Dougan for assisting with the final mastering listen-through

"There are some (songs) that I would not write today. I don't believe in them as I once did. I have included them because they played an important role in the transition. It is discomforting, almost painful, to look back over something someone else created and realize that someone else was you. I am not ashamed of where I've been and what I've thought. It's just not me anymore. It is perfectly clear to me that the songs I write today will not be mine tomorrow. I don't regret the loss." - Paul Simon