Take Me by My Words EP – Lyrics

Take Me by My Words | lyrics

If We’re Both Here

Turn your back to me my love
Turn your back to me my girl
So you can lie with your shoulders flush with my chest
I'll breathe in the scent of your neck just above your dress

I wait for the dark to ask you my questions
You can’t and won't see me blush
The longer we talk the more I learn and
know you inside and out and hope to earn your trust

Who can foresee all that will come
There came a time
When I realized that there must be through hard times
A stronger one

If we’re both here and we’re both in tears, who will be the one
To lie and push away the fears
When I fall onto your thighs and I begin to cry
You have to hold my head and at least try

To convince me otherwise, bring around my mind please
Some nights I’m scared I won’t have anybody
Other times I’m binding myself so I don’t get too close to care

In the daytime, I can kneel before you and you will feel my love above
I can kneel before you and you will feel my love above
And you will feel my love above

But when I can see the future, I know that the waters will be rough
I know that the waters will be rough

Why turn your back to me my love
Why cover your ears in hopes to shut me up

Had you turned and told me to come
I would have followed more closely than anyone

Don't I deserve to fight and debate this
How did I not love you enough

Though it's coming to end I cannot pretend that it never happened
Though it's coming to end I cannot pretend that it never happened

Get Back Home

I waited for a month you to get back home
I don't know that you knew how much I hated being alone
So here we are in two beds pushed together
So you can have the space you need
We're only using one because you sleep so close to me
Which is a fine place to be even though my arm is fast asleep
I'll lay me down

And breath your hair
And be dare I say satisfied

In the morning I will leave stressed
You’ll meet me in the eve impress me with your talent
Of taking my mind off of all of the problems that just

Make me sound callous
When I bring them home to you
And oh the worst of that is
I lost my temper more than twice
I somehow forget you mean well and nice
I’m desperate for communication even when there is none to find

So I'm sorry for the cycle that started the crying
I hope that you'll remember that every day I'm trying
To respect you and protect you from the unfair world and me
And that it’s terrifying when we work in harmony

Against you cause that's not right
And the point of having me is not to fight
But to have an outlet and a safety net
A man who you can call collect
When you're stuck in the city and I need to call a cab

(Instrumental Intro)

You can trust that I will only do my best
To reciprocate the feelings for the rest
I'll cross my fingers and work to pass this test

Oh please keep me around
I won’t drag you down
Together we will only hear the sounds

Of laughter and not yells
And beating on our chests with your hands on my neck
But in my ear your breath
In whispers I can’t forget saying
I’d rather stay awake and talk while we have time left.

(Final Instrumental)

I waited for a month for you to get back home
+ I need you home
+ Have me not to fight

Windows, Faces, Cigarettes 

Bickering couples and flickering street lamps below my window tonight
A motorbike turned up so loud it's in my ears before my sight
And happier people paired up and excited
Happier groups on patrol of the town

I kept one of your cigarettes to smoke on an occasion,
Though I really do hate it, it reminds me of you
And the days when I feel lost and you don’t pick up the phone
I've ended up wandering the crowds wanting home, wanting home


Oh and I'm stuck thinking of it all
Because the air conditioner broke
And I need the breeze to stop the heat
While sleeping alone

Our old songs don’t mean so much anymore
And we’re only getting farther apart
And I don’t know why I stand by the past
Despite the good, it was more often hard


Add. Chorus:

I’m holding on and I know why
I’m holed up in my bedroom for lack of want to try
To get out and feel the sun and see the moon
I can't take the risk to find another face that reminds me of you

And anyway I know you do share my thoughts and fears
And anyway I know I would be happier with you here


(Add. Chorus)

I can't take the risk to find another face that reminds me of you


Lazy Lovesong

You cried when you saw the picture
Of my sister when she was seven
You were wearin’ that cotton button-down that now you can’t find

You said that there was a line
Between love and pain and that it’s fine
How you were right and how I was wrong
And how I’m learning every day what you told me all along

So is the price we pay for love
Missing every day for love
And always knowing that nothing’s ever enough

Girlfriend can you throw away your manners
Just for a sentence anyway and tell me what it is you want
I’ll never guess from hints and implications
You and I we fight enough for two nations

So is the only thing that holds us together
The love we share for each other
And please God won’t someone tell me if that’s the problem or the answer

In a hundred years that nightingale will sing
And you and I will cease to be
Just like promised Keats
And all we’ll leave behind are wedding rings

I say hopefully and memories
In the minds of those we leave behind
But you and I both know that no one likes to sit around
And think of the ones they’ll soon forget about

So is the point of all of this
To find someone to share it with
Cause I could be poor or sick if you’re the one I’m with

King of Something

There’s a stranger in my bed
I’m desperate to be alone
Does it matter how fast the time has flown

There are words I like to use
All of them related to you
Pay them no heed they’ve attached no meaning

There’s a stranger in my bed
Don’t listen to a word he says
For he’s lost and taking it out on you


I will be king of something
And I will reign supreme in my love for you

When I began to think
That I was much less than I was
When I lost faith in who I could be

You were the only one
Who stopped to disagree
And honestly say that you believed differently

There’s a bike in the kitchen
And I’m sick of being poor
I’ve got a twin bed and the cold flows in under the door

And the heat is on
But not for long
Oh at the next bill they’re cutting off my phone


I will be king of something somehow someday, the master of a trade
A hunter or the next Bill Gates, a fighter, a man you can’t overestimate

I will be the man you look up to
And I will reign supreme in my love for you

Take Me by My Words

Do you remember when I told you
I love you in that cold train station our lips were blue
Do you remember when I told you
I’d meet you there again after all that we’d go through


Trust me and that promise
Take my by my words and the voice that sings them to you
Tell me that you’ll listen
Take my by my words and let these hands prove them to you

I’ve stood guard by the airport security gate
All too many times, a stoic ’til you disappear
Unashamed she’s invested in this, on and on and on
Counting up dollars down days for what we hold dear


We’ll do it all again
We’ll do it all again
We’ll do it all again



Nightsong for Her

You have no idea how many nights I've stayed awake
While you're far away in dreams of
Things I pray are not scary
For you look so at peace
The river of your hair is making its way straight towards me

Lately the days have been harder than before
You're hurting more and more
We'll soon hit our floor, be stronger than before
The world has been relentless and I can not be happy
While your life is still on hold

And I'm one year older I think of what I have to show
What I've learned and what I know and
How to love you and how to give it space
When to push and when to stop trying to relate

I hope and I pray right now while I'm still awake
You’re at peace and far away
Meeting a better me in sleep,
Sharing an evening or some tea and that the
Rejection of late isn't fighting its way into dreams

Your well deserved dreams

Too often I have been staying awake until my eyes ache
I'm sorry I don't hold while you fall asleep
I've been sitting up in bed until my body beg for rest
I'm sorry I don't hold you while you fall asleep

I'm sorry I don't hold you while you fall asleep