Tin Stars – Lyrics

Tin Stars | lyrics

Ross (They Renamed the Park) 

Well, Kelly one time I was eleven
And I walked an extra seven
Blocks out of my way past your house
Hopin’ you'd run into me on your way out

I returned when I was 19
Y'all repainted the house, no longer green
To forget is easy, you're in college like me
And it hurts to remember these things


Oh, Ross they renamed the park
Where we made skateboarding videos at dark
There’s a new batch of kids stomping their grounds in our yards

And the lawn where we wrestled each other
Where I got a black eye from your little brother
Its house is inhabited by a couple that likes to exercise
And cycle at night, that’s not right

The house of the girl who I made out with
For a summer
Is empty to me, cause I don’t care to see
Who sleeps between her sheets

Oh, and I'd like to say it's true that I often think of you
But are you, you? The boy that I once knew
Is that the case for you? Time speeds up as it goes,
You know how it flies. We grow out of each other's lives

(Double Chorus)

I Dig It, You Don't 


Everything about it is miscommunication
And I’ve got my baseball cap on
I dig it you don’t; I dig it you don’t

It’s not about the girl I'm in bed with
It's not about the art but my progress
It's just about what we built outside her dress. Easy to forget
I don’t like that I don’t; I don’t like that I don‘t

And I've got me and I'm happy
Beloved lead singer in a heartfelt one-man band
And I've got me for sure I'm a happy man
I've got projects and a job
I get along with the band; I get along with the band


And the Weepies taught me well about having those days
And I'm trained to love with a C-chord on my brain
But I'm not always somebody loved, but loving hurt working and lost
Working and lost

So tell me darling dear
Is this the song you want to hear
Cause in the end we must lay down with our differences
And take them on or give them all up

Will I get an answer out of you
Can we please talk it through

I dig it you don’t; I dig it you don’t; I dig it you don’t; I dig it you don’t

It's Been a Hard Day 

Paul, sing me to sleep
Oh it’s been a hard day
And I’ve been thinking far too long about my future plans
It’s been a long day
And I’m not happy with my feedback and I’m between the sheets too early
Oh, a long day

And I miss my friend and I remember he said
On Hannah’s porch last August
Louis I feel so alone I can’t stand it
I feel it in my bones I can’t stand it
Louis I feel so alone I am not home
In my body, with my family, sometimes not with you
That got through to me like nothing else he
Had ever said or sung

And I’m not happy with the woman who I love because of this
I can pick out her flaws with such accuracy
Because I see them so clearly in me
And that’s the hard truth that I share with you
This can make or break a man if that’s what you let it do

Weigh on Me 

I lied about the month before
Thinkin’ in my youth it was either or
I thought a man had to make a claim
I thought a man had to earn through pain

I was addicted to your skin
Familiar, cold, clammy and thin
Ocean-soft, supple and loud
I let you drag me through the crowd

So we could get high on your neighbor’s couch
So a soldier could berate me loud, for my age
I was not the release from that cage, anger, come on, begin to fade

Breathe in me, look at me longingly
There’s no need, no space between
Weigh on me please, and be
Heavy like I knew you (x3)

Tuck your foot between my ankles
Leave an elbow at any angle
Let your weight press through my lungs
I’d rather die than let this be done

Knees together souls (soles) apart
Strands of hair on that heavy heart
(Forever want to be there in that memory)
Leaving tears in a coffee mug
(Break my heart)
I’ll send a message when the evening comes
(Come on, come on, come on)

Won’t you overlook my accident
The night just came and went
Your heavy head make my shoulder numb, make my shoulder numb

Weigh on me, look at me longingly
There’s no need, no space between
Be heavy, please, like we were once
I'll fix it when the morning comes (x3)

Let your thighs heat my knees
Let your ears absorb my needs
Let your fingers plug the bleeding
That I’ve known since you chose to leave

Lay a breast on my chest
Let your breath heat my neck
And be heavy like I knew you

Weigh on me

I Had a Friend

I had a friend so strong and so tall
No one could touch me he towered over all and
If he'd call he wouldn't have to explain
I'd be there devoted to fight for his gain

Friends drop like flies out of sight and out of mind
And one thousand miles is more each day and as
I lose my confidence and lose my way
I look around and no one is there

At the end of the day I just need to know
That somewhere somebody cares


I… have let my hair get long
Be-… -cause it's tough and they'll see I don't care
But to brush it aside on gorgeous days I
Know myself again
And I do think that you'll see me soon

I've been walking up hill for some time
Treading on eggshells and embers of fires
Begun by abandoned passions and plans
And on gorgeous days I can see myself again


(Trumpet Solo)


I do think
I want to know
I do believe that you’ll see me soon


Evelyn if I have my way you’ll stay
What you call faults are why I love you
You're always on the move
Oh Evelyn, still sometimes I’ve wished I were you

Evelyn I take you as you are
It’s easier to hurt when you have a sensitive heart
You can’t rate yourself, hate or blame yourself
Evelyn I take you as you are

Late night conversations would woo me to sleep
Long speculations of what we could someday be
Eyes bright with hope and mine made heavy by the night
Sometimes to know you’re happy you must wait a while

I’ve imagined the day that you take your leave
Evelyn you’ve made such a change in me

(Short Piano Instrumental)

Oh Evelyn in a world without you I can't be
Oh Evelyn If I have my way you’ll stay


Every feeling fades
I got a new girl and I got a new place
Ask me in six months brother which one I had to replace

Life’s an imitation game
It’s a race to the finish and a race to see how much you can take
Ask me in one month momma, did your pride fade?

I’ve had this fight before
It ends with you crying on the bedroom floor
If I ask you tomorrow honey, is this what you were hoping for?

I want to console you darlin’, it’s been done before.

A Choice to Love (For You, For Me...) 

The voice on the end of the phone that I’m callin’
Belongs to one of few souls I know
It sighs cause it’s glad to hear me talk back
Use the silence, pick words that last


It’s a choice to love
A man and a woman aren’t much
It’s a choice to be in love, plenty else will make it tough
For you, for me, fuck them

What does it matter you do the dishes wrong
I don’t care for your mom but if you hold me in your arms
We can commit to not doing each other any harm

What would it matter if you cheated on me
Cause I left unexpectedly from our home
Roll on the box-spring and commit
To not going this alone


So what would it matter if I cheated on you
Cause you began to refuse to be sure to see this through
Put your mouth on my mouth
It’s a simple thing to do

Stick around, I will too
Stick around, together we will be lost or found
Choose me, I love you
Love me, it’s a simple thing to do

Unhappy Man 

At the end of the day are you an unhappy man
Longin’ oh to have those padded walls again
Who wants to say a straitjacket is their closest friend
At the end of the day look and see are you unhappy, mmmm

I don't wanna be a kid trapped alone in a growin’ grown-up world
Ooo I don't wanna be a kid trapped alone in a growin’ grown-up world
But your world is just what surrounds you
Look around think about what counts
It's often in the mind don't get caught up or stuck here
The time isn't always now

I don’t know enough but I know the way I’m acting is hurting you too
And I don’t know why but If I could I would tell you
If you stick around long enough for me to be lost or found
You can choose what to do with me then
But please don’t leave me now don’t leave me now

At the end of the day are you an unhappy man
At the end of the day look and ask if you’ve been dealt a good hand
You can always find someone else to blame
More often than not it’s you
But the gift of the human spirit is never knowing that that’s true

Yes the gift of the human spirit is never knowing that it’s true

November, 2016 

I’ve been digging deep
I’ve been starting fights
From frustration pent up in me

Now we’ve passed 1,000 days
Same conversations, and higher stakes
Each wrong choice we ever made is now in play


The words I say will not remain, I know
Let’s worship the daily phone call
And breathe each other to sleep
Cause I’ve been ashamed of me

And you’ve been indecisive
And I’ve been nagging you
And I use words more divisive
Than the election we’ve just gone through


In the wake of Hale Ross
The aftermath of Louis John and Rae Na
Care to wager a guess of how long
It will be until we see the cost

Of our self-obsessed offense
Let’s make chalk memorials through our teeth
As the rest neglect to grieve, this is no community

Oh, who can protest a death?
We’ll create our anger in op-eds
We are forever Atheist
And I’m ashamed of us

He was a son, she was a wife
Exploit that, make into art
Cause otherwise we will forget a mother’s excavated heart

We Fought Our Bodies

What if I made you a character
Assigned to you the feelings
I thought you should have for me

What If I turned you cynical
Another broken heart
Ashamed for what it’s seen

Five years ago feels like yesterday
In the park sneaking home after dark
We knew, we’d lose our privileges, to go out on the weekends
We knew that it was worth it, oh

I rearranged the room, I rotated the bed
Or did you not see I finally got the shelves clean
But nobody’s shared this space with me for nearly
A year. Or so it seems, to lonely me

Three years ago we sweated in a dry heat
On our first trip out west
Fighting our bodies and they always won, we were young
That’s a harmful kind of fun

And two years now I’m thinking on that trip, trip, oh
I’m thinking was it worth it
Oh on those terms

To see the tears fall down your face in
Fear at the thought of facin’
Lo-…-sin’ me

We fought our bodies
We fought our feelings
But our bodies always won, we were young
That’s a harmful kind of fun

I Could be Wrong

I could be wrong
You could be right
Come on something’s going on

I could be strong
Just put up a fight
It hasn’t been long since I’ve cried

Tell me you’ll always be a friend
Tell me you’ll always be a memory in my head

But that’s a selfish kind of love
A selfish kind of love
That’s a selfish kind of love